Sogetsu Ikebana in Woodinville, WA by Nobuko Relnick
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Nobuko Relnick
Nobuko Relnick

Welcome to Sogetsu Ikebana in Woodinville, Washington!

This site contains information, including class and demonstration/workshop schedules, for Sogetsu Ikebana in the greater Seattle area as presented by Nobuko Relnick.

Nobuko's philosophy:

Ikebana is a living art using living materials.

I would like people to explore their creativities using ikebana skills which emphasize lines, space and colors.

There is an abundance of materials on this earth. By sharing my passion of Ikebana I strive to assist people in discovering a rich awareness, an enjoyable atmosphere in daily life, and an appreciation of the world we live in.

Exhibition Piece
Click here to see the 2006 Collaborative Exhibition piece


  • Nobuko will participate in the 2009 Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, WA in arranging ikebana and will also give ikebana demonstrations.
  • She was in Sogetsu HQ's Annual Exhibition in November, 2007 in Tokyo.

Sogetsu Ikebana HQ Exhibition
Nobuko Relnick, 2nd from right in first row,
Sogetsu Ikebana Headquarters' Annual Exhibition
Tokyo, Japan November 2006
with Mr. Kawana and other Sogetsu friends.


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