Sogetsu Ikebana in Woodinville, WA by Nobuko Relnick
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Explanation of Ikebana

Ikebana is often summarized as the Japanese method of arranging flowers and plants. Originating in ancient times, it wasn't until the fifteenth century that stadardized styles of Ikebana began to emerge. Ikebana was originally used as decoration, but has evolved into an art form over time. Just as paintings are artistic expressions brushed onto canvas, Ikebana is a three-dimensional artistic expression composed of flowers and plants.

It is up to the aesthetic awareness of the Ikebana arranger to assemble the materials, choose their most beautiful aspects, order them and endow them with a value transcending that which they had in nature.

Things you need to arrange very basic Ikebana:

  • Flower/garden scissors
  • Dish type container with approximately 2” depth and 9“ diameter, could be square or oblong.
  • Needle point (frog or Japanese kenzan (2” diameter)
  • 3-4 branches(double the length of vases
  • 3 stems of one kind of flowers


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